Digital board games for iOS and iPadOS

The following is a continually updated list of digital board games currently available on iOS and/or iPadOS.

I try to list all board, dice and card games available, as long as they also exist in a tabletop version; digital-only games are not included. The list is limited to Apple mobile devices currently, but see future plans below.

(You can view a larger version with sorting and filtering options.)

Submit corrections or new games

The basic list is reliable and accurate, but many additional fields are not filled in. I’ll be working on this as time allows.

If you’d like to contribute to the list you may:

  • Submit a correction to a game already on the list.
  • Submit a new game, noting the following requirements:
    • The game must be available in the US App Store.
    • The game must be a digital version of a tabletop game. In other words, the original games must have a Board Game Geek page.

Future plans

Going forward I’d like to (but it’s unlikely I’ll have the time to do so myself):

  • Add games for other devices: Android phones/tablets, Mac, Linux, PC, etc.

If you’d like to help with either of these expansion projects, send me an email.