Digital board games for iOS and iPadOS

The following is a continually updated list of digital board games currently available on iOS and/or iPadOS.

I try to list all board, dice and card games available, as long as they also exist in a tabletop version; digital-only games are not included. The list is limited to Apple mobile devices currently, but see future plans below.

(You can view a larger version with sorting and filtering options.)

Submit corrections or new games

If you’d like to contribute to the list you may:

  • Submit a correction to a game already on the list.
  • Submit a new game, noting the following requirements:
    • The game must be available in the US App Store.
    • The game must digital version of a tabletop game. In other words, the original games must have a Board Game Geek page.

Future plans

Going forward I’d like to:

  • Incorporate Board Game Geek data programmatically to the list. The data currently included has been added manually.
  • Add games for other devices: Android phones/tablets, Mac, Linux, PC, etc.

If you’d like to help with either of these expansion projects, send me an email.