Black Metal Focus: A Spotify playlist

This is the companion page for the Black Metal Focus playlist on Spotify.

In this playlist I curate atmospheric black metal, and some related genres, as background music for tasks that require concentration (working, studying, writing, coding, and so on). It seems strange to some folks, but intense music helps me concentrate. Maybe it will work for you, too!

This was the first playlist with this name and purpose. Similarly named playlists on Spotify or elsewhere are not managed by me.

I welcome suggestions for the playlist, but do read the following guidelines first.

Suggesting songs/bands for this playlist

This playlist primarily consists of songs in the atmospheric black metal or blackgaze genres, that have blackened vocals and few or no ambient interludes. Songs from some related genres (pagan black metal, post-black metal, DSBM, melodic black metal, crust punk) are included, but those are exceptions to give the playlist some variety.

My preference is for songs that have a drone-like quality, while remaining energetic.

Because the playlist is designed as background music, I’m unlikely to include songs with:

  • Non-blackened vocals (including clean vocals and death growls)
  • Any vocals very high in the mix
  • Spoken word passages
  • Distracting sound effects (e.g., glass breaking)
  • Extensive ambient passages or interludes
  • Abrasive or dissonant melodies
  • Solos

I will absolutely not include songs:

  • With titles or lyrics that expresses hate or encourage violence towards a person or group based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc.
  • By bands with public statements, or documented connection to groups, that expresses hate or encourage violence towards others.

(If you notice any songs/bands that fall in the above categories, please notify me.)

Now that you’ve read all these guidelines, you can suggest songs or bands by emailing me:

I only include songs I like and that generally fit the criteria outlined above. I don’t request or accept compensation for including songs in the playlist.