Walking along the waterfront, I stopped at the stall of a lady who handmakes jewelry.

“I’m looking for a necklace,” I said.

“For you?”

“To gift.” I looked over her merchandise. “This one is nice,” I said, pointing to a silvery necklace with a little heart.

“This is tight,” she said, clutching her throat with one hand. “Like a choker.”

“It’s an interesting message to give to someone.”

“You mean to say it says that love… what? It has you in a stranglehold?”

I nodded.

“I hadn’t thought of that,” she said. “Doesn’t it though?”

“I don’t think love does anything you don’t let it do.”

“Maybe you haven’t really loved.”

“Maybe I haven’t,” I said and thanked her.

I kept walking. I sensed (or imagined) her following me with her eyes. The jewelry lady hadn’t said I overthink things but I knew she was thinking it.

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