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Photo of green and red fireworks

26 December • 5 min read

Reviewing your past year: Accomplishments, experiences and ambitions

Every year around New Year’s day I dedicate an hour or so to review my past year and look forward to year to come. I’ve done so since 2013. It’s a wonderful exercise, which always leaves me feeling gratitude — and, sometimes, relief — about all that is past, and hopeful for what…

6 December • 1 min read


Walking along the waterfront, I stopped at the stall of a lady who handmakes jewelry. “I’m looking for a necklace,” I said. “For you?” “To gift.” I looked over her merchandise. “This one is nice,” I said, pointing to a silvery necklace with a little heart. “This is tight, “…

30 October • 2 min read

Quickly create new Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms

I suspect there’s a vanishingly small audience for this tip, but this has never stopped me writing about something before. If, like me, you have to create new Google Docs and Sheets all the time, you might be tired of having to navigate to the approriate Google site, waiting for…

29 October • 2 min read

A better number

The Cretan greengrocer weighed my items, bagged them, and now he was tapping sums on a calculator. “Nine euro,” he said. Opening my wallet, I saw that the smallest bill inside was a fifty. In small shops like this it’s considered discourteous to use large bills, as you will…

11 October • 2 min read

Greeks and books

It’s commonly held in Greece that Greeks don’t read books. Anecdotally, it seems true. I live in Thessaloniki, the second most populous city in Greece, and work remotely, spending about half my working hours in cafés. I choose quiet, smoke-free, tastefully-lit cafés with…

21 August • 2 min read

We refugees

Living in Greece, where many folks have become stranded on their way from violence and persecution to the safety of Europe, the topic of refugees is often in the news and on our minds. You hear about the horrors of the journey, the squalor of the camps, the violence inflicted by…

14 August • 5 min read

More often than not

I took some time off over the last couple of weeks to spend time with family and friends, go camping, and attend a meditation retreat. I’m now settled near Athens, by the sea. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been writing here. The other is that I’m suffering, once more, from…

Marr (left) and Morrissey from The Smiths pose together in the store room of Rough Trade records in London, January 1983.

28 July • 3 min read

The Smiths

We were having a perfectly fine conversation until she said, “I love this song!” She tugged my arm, not the one holding the drink, the other one, towards the center of the club, where folks sloppily danced. I looked up at the rafters, like an animal sniffing out its prey. I…

A vintage rotary phone.

21 July • 3 min read

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Ten years ago I had a complex trip to organize that required lining up several flights on very tight deadlines. I needed some help figuring it all out, and so I visited a travel agent. As he talked on the phone with who-knows-who, I noticed that he read off booking references…

7 July • 1 min read

Let's Encrypt like it's 2016

Last night I secured this site using certificates from Let’s Encrypt. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but since the site has no interactivity I wasn’t worried about any potential security risks. That was until I migrated from Jekyll, which produced a static site,…