I'm Alex Armstrong, a front end web developer and occasional writer. Currently I'm working with the AMICAL Consortium. While I am not accepting new work at the moment, I'm always interested in hearing about exciting ideas and collaborations.

I usually blog about design, writing, productivity, mindfulness and intersections thereof. I'm also prone to slice-of-life vignettes.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter or by email.

Totally True Facts™

  • I hold an MSc in English literature from the University of Edinburgh. My thesis was entitled "The novel as a moral genre: John Gardner's theory of fiction".
  • I'm a shambrarian, a word which you should not look up and imagine instead that it derives from the same root as shamanism, Shambhala, or something else magnificently mystical.
  • I like Markdown, revisionist Westerns, humanist typefaces, the smell of coffee and the prose of Borges.
  • I have a cat named after a Helena Bonham Carter character, but we don't live together anymore. It's complicated.


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