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11 March 2018

A GTD context for vagabonds.

24 November 2017

I would be a stranger everywhere.

8 October 2017

We should make the effort to write in good faith, with the intention to be understood.

28 July 2017

A heuristic for saying yes to less.

30 May 2017

I came to see her stubborn optimism for the strength that it was, for the puzzle piece I lacked.

4 May 2017

After years of claiming I only write for myself, I realize that I need to hear back from you.

26 February 2017

If you have a blog, every idea looks like a blog post.

20 February 2017

Would you like to buy a map?

Outlining a story is not something you do before you start writing. It _is_ writing.

24 January 2017

An apologetic how-to/humblebrag.

26 July 2016

There I was: treading water.

31 May 2016

This is all Potatowire's fault.

The near-magical property of my sunglasses is that they belong to me.

6 February 2016

Notes from my third Vipassana meditation retreat.

8 January 2016

A look back on an ill-conceived endeavour.

1 January 2016

Your effort will work itself out.

31 December 2015

We are always at the end of time, in the same sense that we can experience nothing but the present.

13 December 2015

The problem to which blogging is the solution.

21 November 2015

I get it. It's a procrastination tactic.

15 November 2015

Compromise is not appeasement.

31 October 2015

The resonant power of a familiar pattern.

17 October 2015

An epistemological kerfuffle.

6 September 2015

I've never met anyone who appreciates too much.

26 July 2015

It turned out like always.

4 July 2015


There isn't just one referendum going on. There are two. Possibly more.

20 June 2015

Just as well.

11 June 2015

Background music impervious to tinkering.

Starting again is hard.

26 April 2015

Sitting quietly, getting nothing done.

Use a double underscore to indicate descendant relationships.

22 March 2015

An observation.

15 March 2015

Next time you're tempted to stop writing to do research, hold off. Put a placeholder and keep writing.

22 February 2015

You can't outsmart your habits and biases.

Finding something good to read is easier than people seem to think.

How to be wistful like a geek.

Typing is thinking.

18 January 2015

In the moment, fear of failure is as real as a pouncing tiger.

How to push a git repo to multiple remote repositories, such as GitLab & BitBucket, with a single command.

4 January 2015

Half statement of purpose, half evasive malarkey.